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Think about how your web site is like a book and a movie based on that book.

Books and movies have different strengths.

The book tells you what characters are thinking, explains connections that may not be obvious and offers a lot more detail than a movie.

The movie version gives you more of an emotional connection to the characters, letting you see their personalities and surroundings.

Your web site should combine the strengths of

books and movies.

With words and still images, you communicate the purpose of your business and explain it in detail.

With video, you show the personality of your business and what is looks like, creating an emotional connection with potential customers before they visit or meet you.

The mission of SpotOn Web Video is to give you an affordable way to make a short movie about your business.

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Rob Kaiser is the owner and publisher of the Greater Wilmington Business Journal and Wilma magazine. Before moving to Wilmington, he helped create a business journal in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as its editor and then became the newspaper's publisher. He previously worked as a reporter at the Chicago Tribune, Asian Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Business Journal and Lynchburg News & Advance. Kaiser has an undergraduate degree from James Madison University and masters degrees in business and journalism from Northwestern University.
Robert Preville has led several high growth companies, most recently as founder and CEO of, a B2B marketplace for equipment rentals and Ruxta Realty, a residential real estate platform. Prior to that, Robert founded and successfully exited Global Test Supply, a world-class provider of instrumentation for the test and measurement industry. He worked as a founding employee and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MFG, Inc., a leading online manufacturing marketplace, and at Electronic Data Systems with responsibilities supporting their CAD/CAM software platform. Preville holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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